• 50/25 Mbps - R599 pm
  • 50/50 Mbps - R649 pm
  • 100/50 Mbps - R799 pm
  • 100/100 Mbps - R849 pm
  • 200/100 Mbps - R999 pm
  • 200/200 Mbps - R1049 pm
  • 300/150 Mbps - R1249 pm
  • 500/250 Mbps - R1449 pm
  • Standard Openserve install: FREE
  • Uncapped, Unthrottled, Unshaped
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack
  • 20/20 Mbps - R399 pm
  • 25/25 Mbps - R449 pm
  • 75/75 Mbps - R749 pm
  • 250/250 Mbps - R849 pm
  • 500/500 Mbps - R1199 pm
  • 1000/250 Mbps - R1499 pm
  • Standard MetroFibre install: R1725
  • Uncapped, Unthrottled, Unshaped
  • 50/50 Mbps - R789 pm
  • 100/100 Mbps - R969 pm
  • 200/200 Mbps - R1149 pm
  • 500/200 Mbps - R1349 pm
  • 1000/200 Mbps - R1499 pm
  • 1000/500 Mbps - R2399 pm
  • Standard Vumatel install: R1725
  • Activation Cost: R920
  • Uncapped, Unthrottled, Unshaped
  • IPv6 ready (GPON network only)

fibre internet, uncapped, unshaped, No FUP, symmetrical, Tell us more..

So why Symmetrical?

A symmetrical connection is just as it sounds, a connection with equal download/upload wireless internet speeds,

why does it matter?

Simply whether you need to upload a youtube video for your channel or do twitch streaming, video chating over skype, cloud backups or just to upload a file to dropbox to share with a friend or with a business colleague, uncapped unshaped wireless internet upload speeds matter.

fair usage policy (FUP)

Our uncapped unshaped wireless internet packages have no fair usage policies, so what is a FUP well simply it's when an ISP restricts your internet usage by setting you to a lower speed when you exceed a giving data usage threshold.

Contention ratio you say?

A contended wireless internet month to month package is a service which offers a best effort to the wireless internet users, with a minimum statistically supplied contention ratio, while typically offering peaks of usage of up to the maximum bandwidth supplied to the wireless internet user in non-peak times. Contended wireless internet packages are much cheaper than uncontended packages.